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3 reasons why we moved abroad

By Jun 16, 2016January 8th, 2024No Comments

At the time of writing this post we find ourselves on a plane on our way back to the UK… No folks this isn’t the end of our adventure (sorry Mum!). It was just cheaper to purchase a return flight over a one way and also gave us an escape route in case Hong Kong just wasn’t right for us.

As the cabin crew switched off the main lights in the plane leaving a trail of mellow glow along the aisle, the whole plane fell silent with only the soft hum of the engine whilst it cruised through the night sky. With some time to kill and a glass of red on hand, I thought it was about time I answered the most common question we’ve been asked: Why did we move to Hong Kong?

Reason no. 1 – Travel


If I could only give one answer to this question it would most definitely be to travel and see the world. But guys, you’ve already been to Hong Kong a few times before! Yes my friend, we have indeed; but to reside in a country and really soak in its’ culture offers a unique experience which our usual three week’s holiday just could not provide.

Additionally, Hong Kong is known to be the central hub of Asia with numerous travel connections to and fro its neighbouring countries like China, Korea, Taiwan..and many more! We have merely made Hong Kong our home base whilst we venture out and explore. We love the fact that travelling is so much closer and cheaper here! Japan return for under HK$700 (£70)?! Yes please!!

Reason No.2 – Discover Our Own Heritage and Culture

Reason 2

Both of us are part of the first generation in our families to have immigrated abroad away from Hong Kong, which creates the unique scenario where we both hold dual nationality: British and Chinese. Although the move abroad offered a better life for our families, it also unfortunately meant we grew up without understanding our Chinese heritage and the culture and traditions which accompany it.

Sure, our parents might still briefly practice the main ones during major festival seasons, such as Mid-Autumn Festival; but it may be naive to believe we can fully grasp the extensive culture this way. Our decision to relocate to has allowed us to experience all of them first hand, all year round!

Reason No.3 – A Challenge

Reason 3 - Challenge

From a young age my father taught me to keep on challenging myself; by doing so you can find out just what we’re made of and what you can achieve. Moving to another country is a completely new challenge we both have yet to face. Whether we overcome this challenge it is not the most important aspect, but rather the gold is in what we learn and experience along the way.


We hope this post has given you guys an insight into our reasons to move abroad! If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please feel free to drop us a comment below, shoot us an email or find us on instagram and facebook!

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