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Cherry Blossom Forecasts 2024 🌸

By Feb 29, 2024April 4th, 2024No Comments

The first cherry blossom forecasts of 2024 have been announced by the Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC).

Cherry blossom season is arguably the most beautiful time to visit Japan but is also the most notoriously difficult to plan for. Full bloom can last for just two weeks, less if the weather turns bad.

That’s why the forecasts by JMC are super helpful. If you can’t spend a month or more in Japan, it gives you a target window to plan your trips around and adjust your schedule or itinerary if necessary. JMC has launched an app (iOS/Android) this year which makes keeping up with the cherry blossom forecasts a breeze, but if you don’t want to install another app on your phone then you can check the forecast table below.

* Please note these are forecasts by JMC and can change closer to time

Current forecasts: released 4th April, 2024

Next forecast: 11th April

LocationFloweringFull bloom
Sapporo27th April30th April
Aomori15th April18th April
Sendai2nd April6th April
Tokyo29th March4th April
Kanazawa1st April5th April
Nagano5th April10th April
Nagoya28th March5th April
Kyoto29th March5th April
Osaka30th March5th April
Wakayama30th March3rd April
Hiroshima25th March5th April
Kochi23rd March31st March
Fukuoka29th March2nd April
Kagoshima29th March7th April

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