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🍁 2023 Japan Autumn Foilage Forecasts are Live!

By Sep 5, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments

The Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) has released its first autumn foliage forecasts for 2023. If you’re thinking of catching the magical colours of autumn in Japan then you’ll want to plan your trip with a close eye on these forecasts.

Please note these are forecasts by JMC and can change closer to time

Current forecasts: released 4th Sep, 2023

Future forecasts: Early October and early November

Japan Autumn Foilage Forecast Map

Japan Autumn Foilage Forecast Dates

LocationForecast for red leavesForecast for yellow leaves
Sapporo8th Nov6th Nov
Aomori14th Nov6th Nov
Sendai27th Nov29th Nov
Tokyo30th Nov25th Nov
Kanazawa30th Nov10th Nov
Nagano22nd Nov14th Nov
Nagoya2nd Dec18th Nov
Kyoto11th December27th Nov
Osaka3rd December24th Nov
Wakayama12th December26th Nov
Hiroshima28th November20th Nov
Kochi9th December15th Nov
Fukuoka9th December27th Nov
Kagoshima13th December28th Nov

Want more info?

If you would like more specific forecasts for certain areas within a region then you can visit JMC’s website. There you can drill all the way down to even points of interest where it’ll give you handy information such as how popular it is, what type of foliage you can see there and the forecasted time for best viewing.

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