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On The Marks Kawasaki: Hostel and Hotel

By Aug 10, 2018January 8th, 2024No Comments

On The Marks Kawasaki offers everything we look for in a hotel: clean, comfort, security and location – while providing the social experience of a hostel. This lodging is blurring the lines between a hostel and hotel – and we like it. Read on to find out more about our stay.

Disclaimer: Our time at On The Marks Kawasaki was sponsored but all words and comments in this post are our own.

On The Marks Kawasaki cafe and music lounge

On The Marks Kawasaki cafe and music lounge

We should make something clear right off the bat, On The Marks Kawasaki is not located inside Tokyo but is in Kawasaki which is within the Greater Tokyo Area. So what does this mean? Well, it might be true that geographically it isn’t as close as some other hostels located inside Tokyo, but this comes with its own benefits – the price is much more affordable and you have great access to Japan’s second-biggest city Yokohama. Plus, thanks to Tokyo’s incredible public transport system, you’ll be at popular areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku in no time.

On The Marks Kawasaki is centered in a fantastic area of Kawasaki with plenty of food offerings, bars, shops and Kawasaki station nearby.


One of the things we loved most about On The Marks Kawasaki was the different types of rooms they offered: Bunk Bed, Compact Room, and Standard Room. I’ll go through each one so you know which one will suit you. Male and Female Bunk Beds and Compact Rooms are located on separate floors with separate toilet and showers.

Bunk Bed
On The Marks Kawasaki Bunk beds

Bunk beds

These were hands down the best bunk beds we’ve stayed in so far. The beds were soft and comfortable, curtains were thick enough to block light, there is enough room inside each bunk to place a couple of large bags at the end of your bed, there are several hangers to use, a personal security box big enough to fit a laptop, and the room was a lovely cool temperature perfect for sleeping. There are separate large lockers nearby if you’re looking to safely stow your luggage away. Toilets and showers are shared. We think these rooms are perfect for backpacker/budget travellers.

Compact Room
On The Marks Kawasaki Compact room

Compact Room

If you’re looking for a little more privacy but still want something affordable then compact rooms are the ones for you. These private rooms feature a very comfortable low Japanese style bed with it’s own TV. Toilets and showers are shared with other guests. Please note these rooms are single only.

Standard Room

The top lodging offered by On The Marks Kawasaki, these come in both single and double sizes. These rooms are more spacious, have a bigger TV and its own bathroom. Standard Rooms are great if you’re looking for the hotel experience or travelling as a couple.


Where you’ll likely spend most of your time at the accommodation is on the first floor in the cafe/music lounge. On The Marks Kawasaki are proud of the city’s vibrant music scene and show it with their nice selection of tunes and beautiful display of vinyl covers – the vibe makes for a great place to meet fellow travellers. You’ll also find your basic facilities such as free Wi-FI, laundry and a communal room.

Things to do

On The Marks Kawasaki is located close to Tokyo and Yokohama. But, if you’re looking for something a little closer we recommend checking out Anata No Warehouse which is a crazy themed arcade designed after the infamous walled city of Hong Kong. Also, the nearby temple Kawasaki Daishi is well worth a visit. On typical days it is much quieter than temples found around Tokyo.

Places to eat

Dotted around Kawasaki are many Tsukemen ramen shops. Unlike typical ramen, Tsukemen separates the noodles from the broth and is eaten by dipping the noodles one mouthful at a time.

Final thoughts
On The Marks Kawasaki communal area

Communal area

We’ve stayed in our fair share of hostels over the past several years, and few have been as comfortable stay in as On The Marks Kawasaki. Sure, it’s not as conveniently located as other offerings in main Tokyo but as we were looking to explore Yokohama too, On the Marks Kawasaki was the perfect choice.

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